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Learnings from creating a new Joomla powered website

It has been an year or so I was planning (just planning.. not executing, so sad) to write regular blog posts on my learnings and thoughts about EMC Documentum software. But thought, before I start on that journey let me put some learnings I am getting by developing a small personal website for my daughter, using open source content management software, Joomla.
I can simply say, it is the best, easy to use and implement open source web content management software out there in the market. And best of all it is FREE. Developed using PHP and other open source technologies like MySQL it is an easy to implement and free to use software developed by dedicated volunteers from across the globe.
I can go on and on appreciating the power of Joomla software but that is not my intent to write in this blog. I would like to put my learnings small and big here so that if somebody out there who are in the same need as I have, and needs to understand what is Joomla and how I used to my purpose.

What is my purpose?
It is simple. I wanted to develop a dynamic personal website for my daughter, which doesn’t cost much and no need for high maintenance. Also easy to use and be able to update the site regularly, by my daughter.

More to come…

<Ramesh Dadigala/>

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