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Tools/Software I installed to develop a Joomla! site

Getting ready to list out all the activities that are needed to develop a light weight Joomla! powered personal website. I used my personal dell laptop (Windows XP, 1 GB RAM) to prepare a sandbox to play around and develop this site.

List of Tools/Software I installed: (all are FREE to download and open source software !)

  1. Installed Apache server, MySql database with the help of this great website, Apache Friends, with their Free download: XAMPP
  2. Joomla ! installation. Download Joomla software here. If you would like to take quick tour of Joomla installation and  and find out what are the next steps, read this document.
  3. Filezilla FTP client
  4. Aptana Studio, a Free Web App Development IDE. (For Joomla templates modifications and any PHP/HTML related development)

Joomla! is a open source Web Content Management System, developed using PHP language. But I don’t think , I am going to do any PHP coding. I see most of the website related dynamic content management features are already available as a package and ready to use.

I am going through the documentation and it is imperative that first I understand what are the core features/modules/components are available to use in this system.

Joomla Core Features:

  1. Components
  2. Modules
  3. Plug ins
  4. Templates

1. Components

  • Banner
  • Contacts
  • News Feeds
  • Polls
  • Search
  • Web links

2. Modules

  • Archived Content
  • Banners & Feed
  • Custom HTML
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Footer
  • Login
  • Menu
  • Most Read & Latest News
  • News Flash
  • Polls
  • Random Image
  • Related Items

3. Modules

  • Authentication (Joomla!, LDAP, OpenID, GMail)
  • Cache
  • Code Highlighter (GeSHi)
  • Email Cloaking
  • Editor (TineMCE 2.1 & Xstandard Lite for Joomla!)
  • Editors-XTD (Image, Page Break, Readmore)
  • Legacy
  • Rating
  • Search (Categories, Newsfeeds, Sections, Contacts, Content, Weblinks)
  • SEF (Search Engine friendly functionality)
  • XML-RPC (Blogger API, Joomla ! API)

4. Templates (This is a list of templates that comes out-of-box installation. Many websites offer various types of Joomla! CMS templates for decent prices.  )

  • RHUK Milkyway
  • Beez
  • JA_Purity

I am planning to use RHUK Milkyway template, for this web site and change it when I am done with all the set up and content organization.

<Ramesh Dadigala>

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