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Planning site content, sections, categories, menu’s etc

 After installing Joomla CMS on my sandbox I went through all the documentation, I could find on the Joomlasite and else where on the net. The documentation was really helpful to understand the Joomla frame work , features and admin functionality. Now it is time to think about what content I should plan to publish for this personal site. So I started putting my thoughts together and asking questions to myself !

This is how I did the brainstorming with myself 🙂

  • What is this site about?
    It is a Personal website for my daughter who is in 6th grade. Like any other personal website I would like to develop content and information for her interests. Would like to organize content and reference to other sites, which will be useful for her education and personal development. Not a big goal. Isn’t it!!
  • Why you want to build this site?
    It has been my plan for several years to start a website for my kids, but it never got realized. After I learned about Joomla CMS, I thought it is the right time to develop a site and write this blog. Developing this site not only gives me satisfaction but it is an opportunity to know more about Joomla and write a decent blog with all my learnings.
  • What kind of content you would like to put?
    I am not planning put a lot of content , but will try to make it more interesting to browse and find resources for kids and parents too!!
  • Which template you would like to use?
    Initially I thought of building or buying a Joomlatemplate but then realized this is going to cost my time and money. So dropped that idea for now. There are few well tested templates that come with the Joomla CMSinstallation. I decided to go with one of those, which suites to my content organization.
  • Tell me what sections you plan for this personal site?
    Well this will be an interesting one to answer. I googled a lot about how other personal websites are organized and found that there is no set rules or something is a hit. In my opinion personal website appearance and content should reflect that person’s, personality, interests, opinions.
    Keeping all these factors in my mind, I came with the following list (it may change later, but at leastI wanted to come up with a rough draft).
    Home > Home page (Images, links, quotes, educational findings etc and a welcome message)
    About Me > Details
             English Grammar
             Online games
             Youtube videos(songs, lessons etc)
             My art
             Online resources for learning arts (music, painting etc)
  • List the menu organization?
    Navigation would be pretty simple for this site as there is not many sections and categories. Following given is a fairly simple vertical and top horizontal navigation.
                   About Me
         There will be sub menus under this parent navigation.
  • Are you planning to put any youtube video integration?
    Yes. It is fun to watch selected youtube videos. I will find a plug-in to integrate some useful youtube videos to display on this website.
  • Tell me how easy or hard it is to work with Joomla CMS.
    Well I am at the early stages of working with Joomla CMS. But my initial impression is, it is not so hard for those who have some knowledge of how CMS systems work and how to organize content for web.Planning to use this weekend time to setup all the above mentioned items in the sandbox site.

              More blogging to follow after that…..

             <Ramesh Dadigala/>

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