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Now it is time to put my Developer’s hat on !

While doing the Joomla! installation there is an option to create sample data and content. I chose the option to create sample site content,  so that I could see how a website can be configured with different options. Infact, sample content does not cover all the features Joomla can offer, but I think it is good to have something to start with. My requirements for the personal website development doesn’t really require to explore a lot of options.

Then I started to understand how the site content, sections, categories, navigation  is organized and which administrative functionalities need to be used.
Here are the sequence of steps I did to understand and implement my plan.

  • First of all I wanted to understand what all the positions in the template(rhuk_milkyway) which I want to use, as it is elegent and fast to load.
    To see the positions of this position: in Joomla Administrator: Extensions>Template Manager>click rhuk_milkyway> and then click Preview Icon. This action will display the template with all the positions of the page.
    They are:
    1. top
    2. left

There are Module, Extensions and plugins that are available to organize the content and make the site more dynamic with lots of features.
First, I started exploring the Module Manager. (Administrator: Extensions > Module Manager

You can sort the modules by the following options: template, position, type, state : enabled/disabled. I started with login functionality and wanted to disable it so that it won’t show on the left hand side of the Front Page(Home page). You can click the module to edit and see actually what can be configured, to learn more about this module if you want to use this feature. Click the green check mark icon under column Enabled to disable this login module from the front page.
So far I have disabled following listed modules, which I think not useful for my site.

  • user1:mod_latest_news (Latest News)
  • user2:mod_mostread (Popular)
  • right:mod_poll (Polls)
  • right:mod_banners (Advertisement) (Pages:varies) that means this module can be created n number of times with different parameters. Another example of mod_banners is Banners itself.
  • right: mod_whoisonline (Who is online)
  • footer:mod_banners (Banners)
  • to_mod_newsflash (Randomly pick one news item from News/Newsflash category)

Removing the text : Welcome to the Frontpage from the home page
Menus>Main menu > click on the Home menu > On the right hand side parameters list pick Parameters (System) , Change the Page title field : Welcome to Front Page to Welcome to my Personal place.

  • Changing the FrontPage layout (By default: Front Page Blog Layout)
    To change the  layout, Go to Home Menu and edit and change the layout if you want. But I wanted to keep the Front Page Blog Layout for now, but change some parameters to display in a different way.
    Parameters: Basic
    Intro: 3
    Columns: 3
  • Change the site Metadata Settings:
    Global Configuration changes:
    Site>Metadata Settings > Global site meta data description > <enter site description>
    Site>Metadata Settings > Global site meta data keywords > <enough keywords about the site>
  • Change Global configuration to hide print , email and pdf icons (these are still controllable at menu level, but it easy if it is set at global level use the value :use global, when you set it at the menu level for consitency)
    Go to Article Manger and click the Parameters and change the settings in the pop-up screen
    To change at the menu level: eg. Main menu can click parameters (Component) and change the required settings to “Use Global” from the drop down box for a perticular parameter.
  • Created Sections and Categories

    1. Home
    2. Education
    3. Fun
    4. ArtsCategories
    1. Home
    2. Education
        English Grammar
    3. Fun
         Online Games
         Youtube videos
    4. Arts
         My Art
  • TIP: Before creating Menu items , crate dummy/place holder article for each Menu item, so that you can create Menu items and later add content in the articles.
  • Now created Menu items in the Main menu
    Go to Menu manager > and click on the Main menu’s menu items icon.
    Start adding new menu items under the Main menu.
    1. Home (It is already there, you need to change the new Article assignments later, when you write Front page related content)
    2. About me
    3. Education
        Sub menu:  Geography
        Sub menu:  Physics
        Sub menu:  Biology
        Sub menu:  English Grammar
        Sub menu:  Mathematics
        Sub menu:  Chemistry
    4. Fun
       Sub menu:  Online Games
       Sub menu:  Youtube videos
    5. Arts
         Sub menu: My Art
        Sub menu:  Music
        Sub menu:  Painting
  • And then assigned previously created place holder articles with each Menu Item
  • Sorted the order of the Menu items, in the Main menu, menu manager page.
  • Observation: Without an assignment to a Menu item an Article will not be published on the site. Unless it is a link to a document in the repository or from Media library.
  • Now it is time to remove articles and menu items that came with the sample data installation. But I would like to keep some articles and menu items to analyze more and use the same set in the future of the site.
  • Menu items I removed from the Main Menu.
    1. Joomla Overview (Article : Joomla overview)
    2. What’s new in 1.5  (Article: What’s new in 1.5) ( select the menu and click the Unpublish in the Main menu list)
    3. Joomla license (Article: Joomla License Guidelines)
  • Menu items I analyzed:1. More about Joomla (Section Layout) (Section:  About Joomla)
    Observation: When we select Section Layout for a menu item: and select a section, then system will display all the categories under that section and when user clicks one of the listed categories, it will display articles in a grid pattern.
    Unpublished the More about Joomla menu item.
    Unpublished all the 3 categories, under About Joomla Section.
    Unpublished About Joomla Section2. FAQ : Menu item (Layout: Section Layout)
         Unpublished all the 4 categories under FAQ section and FAQ section also.
         Unpublished the FAQ menu item3. The News: menu (Layaout: Category Blog Layout)
         This layout display an Article category in Blog format
          This menu shows articles in blog format from /News/Latest folder (News Section/Latest: category)
          Unpublished the Latest category. For now I keep the News section as it is, because there is another category here called, News Flash
    Unpublished the The News menu item

    4. Web Links: Menu (Layout: Web Link Category List Layout)
         This layout shows a list of all the Web Link Categories.
         This is great to show the Web Links in a list manner. And actually you can categorize it and display it. All the weblinks under the weblinks category:
         Components > Web Links > Links
         First Create Categories and then assign these new web links to one of those categories.
        Unpublish the Web Links menu item and remove all the web links and categories.
    4. News Feeds: Menu ( Layout: Category List Layout)
        This layout shows a list of all News Feed Categories.
        This will list all the news feeds from the : News feeds under: Components > News Feeds >Feeds, and assigned to News Feeds> Categories, in the News Feed    Manager.
    News can be RSS or any other form you can configure to display news from other interesting sites.
    Unpublished the News Feeds Menu item:
    Unpublished all the News Feeds > feeds and News Feeds> categories

  • Resources menu group
    All the items in the Resources menu group: are of type: External Link .
    Create a Menu item that links to another Web site.
  • Key Concepts menu group
    All the menu items under this section user Article Layout
    For now let’s go an remove the menu items and associations to articles and the menu group itself
    Delete is the only option I found to remove the Menu item group
  • Example Pages menu group
    The menu items under this group actually used to display the use of Section, Section Blog layout, Category
    layout, Category blog layout.
    I removed the group as well as all the menu items under this group.

That’s all for this blog post. My next work will be to work on creating a logo for this site and start writing some content for front page and desiging the fron page content display and type of content I need to put. Also I will start looking out on the web for content gathering for each menu item.  

    — Ramesh Dadigala

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