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Migrating my dev Joomla! personal website to Production

After spending few more hours this week on my dev sandbox to add content and edit other configurations to the Joomla! personal website , finally I am ready to move the setup and data to a live location.

Following given steps worked for me for clean and successful migration.

1. Register a webaddress ( I had one registered already !)
2. Find a good web hosting provider who support Joomla! CMS (I am hosting at  SiteGround). This hosting provider support PHP, MySQL and Apache Server.
3. Install Joomla! CMS or you can work with web hosting provider to do that for you. SiteGround offers Fantastico in the CPanel to install Joomla! at your user account. I decided to install Joomla! on my own at my account. The reason why I didn’t go with Fantastico was, one I wanted a specific latest version of Joomla! to install and second, I didn’t want to install the sample content.

Sequence of installation steps I followed:

  • Download the latest stable Joomla! software (my version: 1.5.14 Full Package)
  • Upload the zip file to webhosting location using FTP client.
  • Unzip the Joomla! software zip file in the root location of the site or any in any folder you want to install.
  • Create a new MySQL database for the Joomla! installation on the hosting server.
    Create a new Joomla! superuser admin account on this new database.
  • And follow the Joomla! browser installation steps by accessing the url: http://<your-site-url>/ or http://<your-site-url>/<joomla-folder>/
    See Joomla! installation video tutorial here and Joomla! installation full documentation here.
  • I didn’t install the sample content while installation.
  • Now it is time to take a dump of the database from the dev MySQL Joomla! database
  • Using PHPMyAdmin I took the SQL dump of the database.
  • Connect to the Hosting server’s MySQL database admin online tool and using the PHPMyAdmin tool install the SQL dump in to the new Joomla! database.
  • Now move any template related changes, images and plugin related files to the file system location on the Joomla! installation root folders.
  • Access the site url now and see you see the same site as you developed and working in the dev sandbox
  • For me it was a single shot migration.

After I am done with the migration I started using the Joomla! admin tool to work on the content creation and adding new menu’s or adjusting the live content.

So,  after 3 weeks, I am done with the personal site development for my daughter. She will be happy to have her own place on the web. It will be fun and  helpful in her education from this year.

Here is the link to the new Joomla! Personal Website I developed.


Ramesh Dadigala

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